Going to be a full day of light, camera, “action”, start from 6:30am.
In btw SF and LA, there is …  Mars.
The problem of building a fitness wearable product is, I have to sweat to death everyday to test it. :)
Clipular - hey buddy are you really that (un) happy
Can’t find a good desk extension to do stand-up work. So we made one. Light, simple and cheap. The legs are even adjustable! Lol
The World?s First 3D Printing Pen that Lets you Draw Sculptures | Colossal
Captured by Clipular: camera for the web. 
A Picture is Worth… (by Trisha Brink Design) on We Heart It - http://weheartit.com/entry/46936035/via/mengli

The artist way to do startup

I had a chat w/ dad the other day and he said he didn’t expect me to do business - startup. Not the usual reasons you would associate with Asian parent. :) My dad wants me to pursue art. My dad was an artist.

How does an artist do startup?

There are many ways to do startups and there are many startups. Each has a reason to exist. Each has its unique way. My way is the artist way.

Since I moved to Bay area from NYC, I learned a lot - lean startup, methodologies, tactics which I’ve already tasted the sweetness and some of them really works well. But recently I realized I need to remind myself where I came from. I was an artist. I am still an artist, only the tools and media I used have changed, from wood, cello, hand saw to web technology. But the spirit should stay.

As an artist, there are 2 things I hate the most: completely copying and not thinking out of the box ( without a grand and original vision ) . I would do anything, anything to avoid that cuz if I want to be who I am. But sometimes, doing startup (business) needs to be patient as there are stages that will appear not thinking out of the box or looking similar to others. It is physics. It is nature. I can’t control that. But I would do anything to shorten that time - anything, like working 25 hour/day, or digging extremely deep faster like a raccoon :) to reach to the vision faster.   

Soon, Clipular will reveal its grand vision.